Philip Hirchler General Council & Lead Negotiator – PetroTrans Company Limited

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Philip Hirschler, General Council & Lead Negotiator, PetroTrans Company Limited

Philip Hirschler describes himself on LinkedIn as:


“Legal Advisor, PetroTrans Project Management Ltd.

Advising on structuring infrastructure and agriculture projects.

Adviser on oil & gas and mining projects to companies. Source projects and assist in negotiating and structuring acquisitions and investments, mainly for Chinese and Asian companies.

Advising on structuring major loan to West African country, re-payable with minerals, with state mining company mining block as collateral.

Also negotiating and structuring airport projects in same West African country.

Structured gold and iron ore mining projects in Asia and in East Africa.

Negotiated 5 Production Sharing Agreements in Ethiopia, 1 development PSA with 4 tcf of gas and 4 exploration PSAs”


A less modest description might also include the fact that firstly, as a Senior Member of the Board he was Lead Negotiator and General  Council at Nations Energy during its acquisition by CITIC Group for $1.9Bn.


Rather than taking any time off, he immediately went on to lead in the purchase of PetroKazakhstan by China National Petroleum for $4Bn.


Then followed the Saudi-Sino Strategic Petroleum Reserve Agreement!


He continues to work with the highest levels of Chinese and Asian State and Private Investors and Funders on projects across the globe.


The reason for this is simple!  From having had the pleasure of knowing Philip and his family for a number of years, what is immediately apparent is his unique ability to simultaneously assess and complete the most extreme and onerous  commercial transactions across multiple Geographic, Political, Economic, Social disciplines.


His straight forward and yet multilateral genuine and honest approach is legendary, and has quite understandably granted him the extraordinary access to open “discussions” on a global basis, where no discussions had existed before.


His experiences of the “Real World” of negotiating at the highest political levels across the globe is frightening and the fortitude and herculean courage to endure what he has overcome is substantially outside our own abilities.


As one of our longest standing members, whose attendance to the lunches is always so greatly welcomed and is only sadly curtailed by his extraordinary global work and travel commitments.


We are so honoured to have Philip as our speaker to share with us his experiences and invaluable knowledge of the real world of global trade.