Experience one of the best clashes in the world, two Italian traditions fused together to create the ultimate experience. Spritz and Spaghetti!

That’s right. You will learn to make the ultimate Italian drink (Spritz) and the pinnacle of Italian food (Pasta)

Your hosts will teach you how to cook the ultimate Carbonara (Vegetarian Option, Caccio e Pepe) and then prepare the most refreshing spritz!

Escape the heat and enter our cooking school. The team will share with you three different types of Spritz:

– Aperol Spritz
– Campari Spritz
– Limoncello Spritz

What are you waiting for? Come and join Spritz & Spaghetti for a memory you will never forget!

Further details can be found below.

Spritz And Spaghetti, Tipsy Cooking Class – Airbnb