About Us

The Lunch Circle is a group of UK and International leading Professionals, CEOs, Company Directors and Entrepreneurs. It is an informal gathering of friends and senior colleagues who get together once a month to have lunch, network, and to learn something new from our outstanding guest speakers who typically come from an area outside our day to day activities. 

A selection of our most popular past guest speakers have included; Leading Public Figures, Politicians, Company CEOs, Ambassadors, The Chief of Staff of the Royal Navy, US Embassy Chief Hostage Negotiator, Head of the FDI efforts for Afghanistan, Founders of some of the world’s most successful, innovative and exciting companies, Theatre Actors, Producers, NGOs, Writers, and Journalists.

We are in awe of our Members and are amazed by the enormity of their capabilities and capacities across all areas. It is staggering the actual presence they possess and the modesty and humility with which they hide it. They really are a unique collection of some of the most genuine people you could ever hope to meet.

“Lunch Circle events feature as priorities in my calendar for one reason; convivial company, the examination of interesting topics combine to provide a welcome interlude in our demanding business and professional lives. These ingredients continue to exert their magic, exposing our hungry minds to all sorts of ideas, events and projects. Long may they continue this highly valued tradition.” – Senior Corporate Advisor