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We have been asked about various forms of sponsorship but as a friend of friends club, our sole responsibility is that of our members. We will only consider a very few select occasions to offer sponsored events, assuming it is in line with the nature of the club.

Sponsoring an event provides a unique opportunity for your company to get its name out there by meeting our members. Sponsorship can be tailored to your needs to help create an enjoyable and beneficial event for everybody.

If sponsoring an event is of interest of you, please get in touch by our email: events@thelunchcircle.com

Members Platform

We are very excited to announce the Beta launch of the complimentary Lunch Circle Members Platform. We're taking applications for invitations now.


“The Lunch Circle was a delight to host – the members were a fascinating spread of chiefs and captains of all major industries, united by a curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge and networking at the very highest level. We look forward to welcoming them to Bonhams again and continuing to share our specialists’ insight in to the world of collecting.”

Jonathon Darracott, Bonhams