Adelaide Fringe is a world-renowned, annual arts festival that celebrates culture, place and artists from across the globe.Bringing 6,000+ independent artists far and wide to South Australia, Adelaide Fringe is a destination for culture seekers in search for a hive of activity.For more than 60 years, Fringe’s innovative and inclusive approach as an open-access arts festival has made it a hub for emerging talent, as well as a destination for established artists from around the world. Among the audiences at Adelaide Fringe are hundreds of industry professionals from around the world, scouting for shows to book for future touring. This makes Adelaide Fringe a thriving marketplace for artists as well as a public facing festival.Adelaide Fringe’s popularity has led to significant growth in ticket sales year-on-year, making it Australia’s biggest arts festival and must-visit destination for travellers seeking out cultural experiences.Visit the link below for further details.

About Adelaide Fringe | Adelaide Fringe – 16 February – 17 March 2024