A fantastic opportunity for members to cook at  Grandma’s Home Cooking School, a stunning organic farm in Thailand teaching you how to cook traditional Thai dishes but also culturally give you some tricks so you can adapt, find substitute ingredients in your own country, cook by yourself, and spend time cooking with your beloved family.

The experience starts with a small journey to a local Thai fresh market. There, you will experience the actual culture and vibe of the people in the community. It might seem a bit chaotic from the outside view but, after spending some time there, you’ll feel a warm-hearted welcoming without being noticed.

Also we will give a closer look at the local varieties of Thai seasoning, sauce, and paste for our menu. At this point, you’ll learn how and what they are made of.

Back at the school, you will explore our farm including the mushroom house, chicken barn, and vegetable garden. They are all 100% organic.

The school is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Join us and experience grandma’s love at Grandma’s Home Cooking School

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Half Day Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Organic Farm – Airbnb