This May, Sydneysiders can travel into the deep, southern wilderness of Bowral where they will get the chance to experience a human-made rendition of the Aurora Borealis, with all the vibrant majesty hidden deep within a dark vineyard.

‘Borealis’ is an immersive outdoor light-show experience designed by Switzerland-based artist Dan Archer. Combining cutting-edge tech with whimsical art, this is an ethereal light show full of vivid colour and shimmering movement that is made to transport everyone who watches it away to a snowy peak in the middle of a polar night.

Unlike the real deal, the Bowral ‘Borealis’ will not subject you to sub-zero conditions or potentially unsatisfactory visuals. While the legit version can be hit or miss (the brightest colours we see are picked up by cameras, rather than the naked human eye), this one is not, with you guaranteed to find yourself in a brilliant immersive experience full of rainbow colours and popping light.

Also unlike the experience you’d get in an isolated frozen part of the world, this show is all set to a soundtrack by French composer, Guillaume Desbois. This is truly such a unique experience, secure your tickets via the link below.

Borealis in the Vines tickets | Centennial Vineyards | Ticketek Australia