History has seen countless incredible women who helped shape the world we live in today.One of the many industries influenced by women is fashion and lifestyle. And this season, Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) and Cartier, one of the leading names in the world of jewellery and watches, invite you to discover how women shaped the brand’s illustrious history in a groundbreaking exhibition.From April 14 to August 14, visit the ‘Cartier and Women’ at the Hong Kong Palace Museum, which showcases the fascinating history between women and jewellery.View a series of approximately 300 treasures created by Cartier, from precious jewellery, timepieces, objects, accessories, to archival records from the 19th century to the present day. The exhibition also highlights how Chinese art and aesthetics, along with art from other parts of the world, served as inspiration in crafting jewellery from its decorative elements, techniques, and materials.

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Cartier & Women (cartierandwomen.hk)