The Fitzrovia Chapel is proud to announce a new exhibition of photographs titled DAVID BOWIE – A LONDON DAY by Kevin Davies, capturing David Bowie over the course of a single day in 1992, which will open on 1st March and run until 20th March 2024 as part of The Fitzrovia Chapel’s Cultural Programme.

In late 1992, David Bowie was preparing for the release of his 18th studio album Black Tie White Noise. Photographer Kevin Davies was commissioned to photograph Bowie for a series of images which would be used to promote the album. With a selection of images subsequently approved by Bowie for press use, after which Davies placed the original rolls of film, contact sheets and prints in storage where they stayed for almost 30 years.

In 2020, Davies uncovered the boxes to reveal perfectly preserved film negatives of 400+ images from that single day with Bowie, the details of which had been eclipsed by the indistinguishable memory of a luminous presence. The original collection of 450 images captured a then 45-year-old David Bowie styled for Black Tie White Noise.

The exhibition features 20 photographs from across the day with selected images presented as diptychs and triptychs to explore a meditation on the photographic archive. The collection is built around a number of Bowie’s own selects taken from his mark-ups on Davies’ original contact sheets and reveals a timeless, almost age-less David Bowie in the prime of his life.

For further information visit the link below.

DAVID BOWIE – A LONDON DAY – The Fitzrovia Chapel