Push the limits of performance as you drive exotic cars in D.C. around a three-lap spin on an exciting autocross course.

Get ready to tame the tight twists and turns of the track in one of the world’s most desirable Italian thoroughbreds.

These legendary marques have the looks, handling and performance that leave other cars standing. Now’s your chance to slide behind the wheel and experience a slice of driving heaven in a modern supercar capable of inspiring incredible driving excitement.

Blessed with ultra-wide tires and super high-tech suspensions, these cars provide the braking and handling stability you need to unwind the turns of our challenging autocross course. Are you ready to push your driving skills to the limit on a closed course in one of the fastest cars in the world?

Feel what it’s like to be a pro driver behind the wheel of a supercar with this Washington, D.C. exotic car adventure. You’ll take home memories to last a lifetime and a new idea of what automotive performance really means.

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