Held for the first time in 1993, French May has grown to be one of the largest cultural events in Asia and has been celebrating visual arts, music, dance, theatre and gastronomy in the fragrant harbour for 30 years.In 2023, French May Arts Festival celebrates 30 years at the heart of Hong Kong’s cultural scene, stimulating creation, collaboration and artistic exchange that pulsates through communities, genres, borders and beyond. With a diverse range of French art exhibitions, performance, arts festivals and art events in Hong Kong, from large-scale performances by world-renowned artists to seminars, workshops, and screenings.

French May aims to promote French culture and arts in Hong Kong and to strengthen cultural exchange between France and Hong Kong. The festival features both established and emerging French artists and performers, as well as local and international artists who are inspired by French culture.

To find out more about the exhibitions and performances taking place visit the link below

French Art Exhibition Hong Kong | Latest Arts Festival Event (frenchmay.com)