Experience the mesmerising beauty of Hong Kong’s Harbour nightscape spectacle.

Every evening at 8pm, prepare to be enthralled by the illuminating ‘A Symphony of Lights’ multimedia show. Through unique lighting, lasers and giant LED displays, Victoria Harbour is transformed into a breathtaking outdoor audio-visual feast.

Starting from May, you can further immerse yourself in captivating pyrotechnic displays and drone shows during major events and festivals. These extraordinary performances, combined with the iconic ‘A Symphony of Lights,’ unite to enhance your sensory journey and showcase the unrivalled allure of Hong Kong.

The dazzling marine pyrotechnic displays are complemented by Victoria Harbour’s stunning night views, crafting an unforgettable experience through the play of light and colour.

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Harbour nightscape spectacle: Lights, drones and pyrotechnics | Hong Kong Tourism Board (discoverhongkong.com)