La Braderie de l’Art was born in 1991 in Roubaix from an original idea by Fanny Bouyagui. The idea: to create an atypical event that brings together 150 brilliant artists, designers, makers, tinkerers and inventors from all walks of life in one place for 24 hours non-stop. In front of them is a “hyper stock” of objects and recycled materials of all kinds from local companies grouped under the RE-COLLECTE label, created by Art Point M.

A vast temporary workshop, the Braderie de l’Art is a free creative space dedicated to artistic recycling in all its forms. The “transformative” artists create “live” and sell their pieces themselves between 1 and 400 euros, i.e. ART WITHIN EVERYONE’S REACH for 24 hours NON-STOP – the historic slogan of the Braderie de l’Art.

The creators revisit ancient forms and give the public the opportunity to live an extraordinary artistic experience. In this surreal chaos, objects find a new life and new owners.

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