Transforming luxurious materials such as gemstones and precious metals, the art of the jeweler, goldsmith and enameller has always exemplified the elevation of naturally occurring materials into works of art.

Catering to the taste of their royal and noble patrons, goldsmiths from 18th century Europe to Imperial Russia created inimitable works in enamel, hardstone, gemstones, silver and gold.

The sale jointly offers exceptional chased and enameled gold boxes and objects of vertu from Paris, Geneva, London and Germany (lots 1201-1274), magnificent works by the house of Fabergé and precious objets de luxe (lots 1275- 1346) sourced primarily from European and American private collections.

In their artistry and ingenuity, these objects were the most lavish of their time and remain sought after by connoisseurs today, combining beauty and craftsmanship with history and impeccable provenance.

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Fabergé, Gold Boxes & Objets de Luxe (
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