The role of commercial comms in national security has been firmly established through Starlink’s role in the Ukraine war, but how vulnerable are such systems to countermeasures, or inherent vulnerabilities.The Real Time Club roundtable dinner will explore the various aspects of cyber resilience, from Chinese anti-satellite missile tests to Russian false flag attacks on underseas connections in other sectors.Do mesh networks offer a way forward and how vulnerable is modern Western society to such threats, whether manmade or natural events such as solar flares.Will your organization get caught in the digital crossfire?Russia’s attacks on StarLink established how important commercial communication links are to not only the war in Ukraine but wider national security.The Real Time Club is holding a dinner followed by a round table on the 1st of December to explore cyber resilience in both government and private firms, including Chinese anti-satellite activity, weaponized Ransomware, the fragility of undersea Internet links and vulnerabilities in the supply chain.Their panel of experts include:Andrew Churchill with over 20 years’ experience as a consultant and researcher to government, industry, and academia, holding senior roles across security technology policy and research fields. Leading HM Government’s Cybercrime Task Force, coordination of the UK Defence & Security technology requirements across Whitehall recently as lead author of the British Standard in Digital Identification & Strong Customer Authentication (PAS4992019). K subject matter expert on EU Cybercrime & terrorism research programme, member of the Federal Reserve’s Secure Payments Task Force, UK member of ISO TC321 in E-Commerce Transaction Assurance, and is an advisor to myriad international tech providers.In addition to his first degree, he holds Master’s in information security (MSc, Royal Holloway), and Defence & Security Analysis (MA, Lancaster University).Philip Virgo is Convenor of the Cyber Resilience Centre for London, past Chairman of the Conservative Party’s technology thinktank, the CSTF, Board Member of the Digital policy Alliance.Dominic Connor had pretty much every kind of job in technology and is President of the Real Time Club with the task of ensuring as many different and interesting questions are handled by the panel.Over time we have evolved a format for our evenings:6:00 to 7:00 OPEN BAR Networking Drinks7:00 Greetings, introductions and housekeeping7:15 Three course dinner with wine8:30 to 10:30 Frank Discussion of new threats and resilience.10:30 Carriages.By tradition over our 55 years of interesting dinners, there is no allocated seating at each table of eight where diners include an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, technologists, politicians, lawyers, academics, military, journalists, civil servants, think tank experts and bankers.This will be a highly interactive evening to share not only your questions, but your suggestions on how to prevent and respond.(As you would expect, the dinner will be held under the Chatham House rule where you may use anything you learn but may not cite the source.)Book early on the following link below to avoid disappointment

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