Every year, the Orchid Show exhibits thousands of species of beautiful blossoming orchids at the New York Botanical Garden. With twenty years of history behind it now, the show continues to grow and get better.The show is designed by landscape artist Lily Kwong. Using an extraordinary array of both iconic and rare orchids, she worked with NYBG’s  horticulturists to create towering mountainous forms blending ecology, culture and fantasy.Here, in these ethereal, reverent landscapes, humanity and nature coexist peacefully. Your ticket will get you daytime access to The Orchid Show, plus all the rest of NYBG’s outdoor gardens and collections.If you want to visit after dark, check out Orchid Nights where you can admire the flowers under the twinkling lights of the conservatory with music in the background and a cocktail in hand.For further details please visit the link below.


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